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Discover our range of AIRVIA AERO air purifiers


Created in 2015, AIRVIA Medical quickly became one of the leading air purification brands in France and Europe.
AIRVIA Medical offers a range of high-performance products suitable for individuals and professionals. More than 1000 clinics and medical practices trust the AIRVIA Medical brand.
Inspired by the medical world and aircraft turbines, our products are based on the best filtration technologies to offer an innovative and efficient design.
AIRVIA Medical products comply with all applicable performance and safety standards and are CE certified.
AIRVIA Medical is present in six European countries and continues to expand its activities throughout Europe.

An innovative design with a 360 ° air inlet

The unique design of AIRVIA Medical air purifiers is inspired by the world of  aeronautics  and aircraft turbines. It has been designed to optimize air circulation. Thanks to its cylindrical shape and its  360 ° air intake system, it is both elegant and efficient. It sucks in air from all directions and releases it vertically to ensure efficient air circulation. The air in your room is thus cleaned  quickly and thoroughly.



Optimized air circulation

The air is sucked in at ground level all around the device thanks to the motor. It then goes through 8 stages of filtration and depollution to be purified. Thanks to our  vertical discharge pressurization system, the purified air is then reinjected evenly throughout the room. You are not disturbed by the sound level or by the blown air.

Clean air in minutes

AIRVIA Medical air purifiers have unparalleled power. They are able to completely clean the air from a  space of 100m² or 150m² in just a few minutes. Their superior power has been certified by the CADR indicator with a score of over 500 m3 / h, one of the best on the market. It has  5 purification speeds  different to adapt to all spaces and all uses.


2 in 1 purifier and ionizer


To clean your air from  all pollutants, including  nanoparticles, AIRVIA Medical air purifiers use 8 different purification technologies. The eighth stage is a so-called active filtration technology which consists of the diffusion of negative ions in the air. The  negative ions  are extremely effective at targeting pollution particles, usually of positive polarity, and  make harmless  for your health. Negative ions are present everywhere in natural environments and have  many beneficial effects on health and well-being. Thanks to a negative ion density of 20 million pcs / cm3, the AIRVIA Medical purifier can thus boost your immune system, improve your blood circulation and the quality of your sleep. This function can be activated or deactivated as desired.

Air sterilization using UV

In addition to many other pollution control technologies, our products also use a  UVC lamp  to eliminate absolutely all germs. Without any ozone release, our products sterilize the air and kill  viruses, bacteria, molds, spores. Located in the center of the device and completely harmless, the UVC (low spectrum) lamp also serves as an activator for the function of photocatalysis, an oxidation-reduction reaction with a powerful air cleaning effect.


The AIRVIA AERO 100 air purifier makes it possible to cover a surface  up to 100 m². It has been designed to adapt to all situations thanks to five speed levels as well as all profiles, individuals and professionals. It is perfectly silent in speed 1 as in night mode but will surprise you with its power ranging  up to 500m3 / h  in speed 5.

  It was designed as a versatile and all-in-one device with a wide spectrum of action. It targets the air quality in its  together. Its design is inspired by the aeronautical world and its filtration technologies come from the medical world. It's our  original model, the one with which AIRVIA Medical built its brand.

The AIRVIA PRO 150 air purifier can cover a surface  up to 150 m². With its enlarged filter and exceptional power, it is able to clean the air in your premises quickly and efficiently. Completely silent  in speed 1, he knows how to be discreet.

Hairdressing salons, with their air saturated with hair and body hair, will benefit from its interchangeable pre-filter which greatly reduces maintenance costs. No need to change the entire filter to restore normal purifier performance.

Its design is inspired by the aeronautical world and its filtration technologies come from the medical world. It was designed for  meet the needs of professionals.


This latest addition to the AIRVIA Medical range uses the same filtration technologies that have made our products so successful, in a compact and elegant format, perfectly suited to the car. The first car air purifier with HEPA H13 filter, ionization and real-time pollution rate. Starts automatically when the car is started. Integrated control monitor. Application  AIRVIA Connect  (Android / iOS) to come.

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