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Retec® metal recovery cell

ECSwiss provides RETEC recovery cells and their consumables.


The latter are involved in the recovery of metal ion baths in electroplating, jewelry, watches, leather goods and decorative chrome plating, among others.


The principle :


The recuperators consist of an electrolysis cell, an electric power supply and a pumping group. Their very simple operation is based on the same principle as the electrolysers used for galvanic plating. Under the influence of the low voltage electric current (3-5V) applied between the electrodes, the metal cations present in the solution to be treated are reduced on the metal foam cathodes in the pores of these. At each passage through the electrolyser, the solution to be treated passes through a series of cathodes, which, thanks to the large equivalent surface area of ​​the foams significantly increases the probability of contact between the metals in solution and the cathodes. The solution is thus depleted in metal ions and can be returned either to the rinsing bath or to the purification station. This avoids, by recovering metals in metallic form, from having to treat large volumes of sludge.


Benefits :


  • Significant reduction or elimination of residual sludge

  • Saving water and labor; rinse water must be drained less often

  • Very simple handling

  • Efficient recovery

  • Affordable consumables

  • Savings in chemicals

  • Upgrading of an old wastewater treatment plant at lower cost

  • Increase in production capacity without overload or costly investment for the station


The products :


Recovery capacities at 100% current efficiency for the most common metals:

Capacité de récupération.PNG

These indicative values can vary according to a large number of parameters. The main ones being:

- The initial concentration,

- The imposed current,

- Cathodes charging

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