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Galvapen - Galvanic pen


ECSwiss offers you this galvanic pen and its consumables. Based on a TiMMO anode, this micro electro-deposition system is particularly interesting for  various fields :


- Watchmaking

- Jewelery

- Cutlery

- Catering


- Local passive protection against oxidation

- Improved electrical conduction

- Electronic component repair

This system allows a precise deposit  allowing a fair use of precious metal:

- Shiny and black rhodium

- Ruthenium

- Gold ;  red, pink, yellow and green

- Money

Technical data :


Housing: Stainless steel

Dimensions: 120x 150x 95mm (Lx W  x H)

Rectifier: Stabilized voltage 100-240 V / ~ 50/60 Hz  - output current  1.5 A max

Equipment included:

- 1 pen (anode) with its connection cable -

- 1  connection cable for  the part to be treated  (cathode)

- 10 fiber tips

Optional equipment:

- Various plating bath per 100 ml

- Additional anode pen with its cable

- Fiber tip

ECSwiss is available to answer all your questions.

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