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Electrochemical services and products

Coated titanium anode specialist

Potential applications :
  • RETEC® metal recovery cells

  • Metallic foam, nickel foam

  • Various coated titanium anodes:

                          TiMMO (Titanium Mixed Metal Oxides), TiPt (Platinum titanium) ​

Potential applications :
  • Surface treatment (electroplating, electrophoresis, cataphoresis)

  • Water treatment (Recovery of precious metals, disinfection, depollution, ...)

  • Cathodic protection


About us

1996: Creation of ECS France by Yves Pellet -

Company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of insoluble titanium anodes for many fields of electrochemistry activities.


2013: Creation of Electro Chemical Swiss Sàrl (ECSwiss) by Yves Pellet in order to offer its high-performance products to the Swiss market.

Resumption of Desaules SA activities.


Nowadays: ECSwiss is committed to always providing you with more expertise and products to meet your needs and requirements.


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